Lunch date with Cowan clinched it


I was lucky enough to visit the other Washington -- D.C. -- and visit U.S. Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers. I spoke to her about issues and listened to her views and ideas.

I also ran into congressional candidate Rich Cowan in Walla Walla and had lunch with him. This is the man from Spokane who is running for Rodgers' place in the other Washington.

I will vote for Rich Cowan in the upcoming election. Rich is a job creator. His company employs about 40 people and brings in millions of dollars to Eastern Washington from out of state. Over the years hundreds of jobs have been created that opened the door to a new industry in the area. He has an incredible bio, an amazing story. He is smart. He is creative.

Washington, D.C., specifically Congress, is broken. Rodgers has been there a long time and is a big part of the problem. She sounds like a broken record. Please check out the opportunity we have to get some progress back into our federal government.

M.J. Smith

Walla Walla


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