Praise for local weathermeister


This city is amazingly fortunate to have weathermeister Jeff Popick in our midst. Jeff's Walla Walla Valley Weekly column "The Weathervine" is a must-read, even though the baseball season is all-but over for most fans!

I don't know how many people catch all of his witticisms. For example, references to two wonderful movies: "The Big Chill" and "A Mighty Wind" in last week's Weathervine headline were perfect introductions to the two meteorological events in the forecast.

As an instructor at Walla Walla Community College's Enology & Viticulture Center, Jeff obviously knows his agricultural specialty.

But for most readers, his deep understanding of the Valley's weather is even more important.

Bravo to a brilliant "Cardinal" of the vineyards.

Ted Cox

Walla Walla


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