Rich Cowan has better answers than 'no'


Can anyone name a positive accomplishment of the Republican-controlled House?

It all goes back to the 2008 decision of Republican leaders to unite behind, at all costs, "making Barack Obama a one-term president." Any compromise he offered, even if some liked it, they opposed in order to keep him from looking successful.

As a result, Congress' approval rating has dropped from 40 percent to 7 percent and the looming "fiscal cliff" has already weakened our economy. Sadly, the Grand Old Party has sunk to being just the "no" party. I respect a number of local Republican leaders, contribute to a favorite Republican candidate and will continue to vote a split ticket. But I won't be voting for Cathy McMorris Rodgers.

The party she helps lead has chosen partisanship over what is best for our country. Her largest contributor is MoneyTree, a payday lender (see And she promises to solve our fiscal problems?

Please consider Democrat Rich Cowan for Congress, a good listener and a hard-working candiate with better answers than "no."

Chuck Hindman

Walla Walla


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