We must preserve rule of law


The Constitution is not a "living" document, as some want us to believe. It says what it says for very specific reasons. It establishes how people can be free, how leadership and laws are needed to preserve that freedom, how power at the level of leadership is distributed to protect us and our freedoms when that leadership itself goes astray.

Though not everyone who participated in the writing of it were Christians, the Constitution was written by people who were informed of life based on Judeo-Christian principles that hold a very accurate understanding of human nature.

That nature will always be subject to the temptation to take advantage of the use of power. That will always be the case. Our human nature cannot, by its own reason or strength, change itself.

The Constitution was written with that understanding. So was the Bible. Any idea that human nature in our generation has changed to be more noble, more intelligent, more skilled than the one that produced our Constitution, or any other generation ahead of us, is naive and full of hubris.

The Constitution was written in a time much different from ours. It couldn't have foreseen what we deal with today. It doesn't matter. The target of the Constitution is not current events. It is human nature.

Fuddy-duddy Lutherans (of which I am one) call it "original sin." But God gave us brains and talents. And once in a while, when it appears that the Constitution needs to be changed, it can be. In our history that has happened more than two dozen times.

It can happen again. But the ground rules for our life together as Americans should be changed only by the amendment process, not by ignoring the limits (separation, etc.) of power written into the Constitution by wise people who knew what would happen without such restraints.

If and when we see politicians running roughshod over such restraints or an amendment seems in order, and we think our political leaders unreasonably refuse to permit that option, it's time to choose different leaders.

We now live at a time when we don't judge our own human nature with the realism it deserves. That's because we don't take God and His assessment of us seriously. "History, itself, is the judgement of God."

We need to do everything we can to participate in the preservation of the rule of law (specifically constitutional law which, lately, we see clear evidence of it being ignored); we stand a much better chance of retaining our freedoms.

Gordon Huesby



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