Great harm could be done by changing definition of marriage


Some promote a redefinition of marriage, hence comes Referendum 74. The reasons look shallow. Great harm could come from messing with the definition of marriage.

So many good parts of Western civilization begin with the wisdom of the Jews and Christians, namely Genesis. From that wisdom we see that people were created with a prime directive to multiply. Multiplication takes a man and a woman.

From that truth came the idea of marriage. I do not want to tell anyone else who they should care for, but voting to reject R-74 seems like the best thing to do.

Terry L. Schoen

Walla Walla


mytwocents 2 years, 9 months ago

REF74 will not redefine marriage... I really don't know what great mind came up with that notion.Ref 74 will allow those of us who are gay or lesbian to marry. Straights will still get married and have engagement parties and dinners, and have all the pomp and circumstance that comes with the ceremony.Then when all is said and done, they will go home, set up housekeeping, continue their jobs, see their friends and live with the joy, suffering and work that comes from that marriage. We are not asking to redefine that.. We are simply asking to be able to enjoy what a lot of us have now..legally in the eyes of the law. God will be the judge.. It is not up to anyone else. Whether or not I legally marry my partner is not your concern, and I really doubt anyone will lose sleep over it. If they do..well then I suppose they need to get a life..but in the meantime...let us have ours.. And as an aside... I have been married to a man and served my "biblical" duty.. I brought 4 children into this world...and they are all straight,married and have kids... Perfectly normal...


Kevconpat 2 years, 9 months ago

Really now, redefining marriage? This is getting old, fast! I'm 55 years of age, my Husband, 54. We were married in Canada 7 years ago. We have lived in Walla Walla nearly this long....can anyone here say without laughing that our marriage has tarnished any neighbors here; ( traditional heterosexual?) I've said this many times before and I'll say it one last time. Mark's Parents get it, my Daughter and two grand kid's get it as well as all our extended family and friends do, too! I'm annoyed and tired of this stupidity. Get over it and grow up! We are all citizens and entitled to equality. Ones personal religious tenets will not and can not be changed! This is about CIVIL MARRIAGE. Remember to separate civil law from religious freedom/ expression, otherwise it will set a potentially fatal direction to our democracy! This is about equal rights, duh! Put your energy into helping the poor or perhaps cleaning up your own family insecurities instead of trying to make up lies against people, good people trying to simply achieve equality. Disagree if you must but do not refuse equal status. I for one am not going away. Got it!


mytwocents 2 years, 9 months ago

Standing O for Kevconpat... Well said neighbor!!!!


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