Railway's fuel conservation is full steam ahead


Railex USA has reached a fuel savings milestone.

Since the first shipment of produce left the warehouse in Wallula bound for Rotterdam, N.Y., in 2006, the company has saved 50 million gallons of fuel — and counting, according to an announcement.

The rail transport outfit is also on track to reach carbon dioxide reductions of 1 million tons by December, the company said.

The achievements demonstrate the fuel efficiency of railroads versus ground transport, officials said.

A few other numbers to go with the announcement: In the last six years, Railex has made almost 800 five-day train trips, shipping produce, seafood, alcohol and more across the country on the temperature-controlled rail. On average the rail delivery saves over 200,000 gallons of fuel per week, resulting in three times fewer emissions compared to long-haul truck delivery. Each unit train takes an estimated 200 trucks off the road.

The company has shipped the equivalent of 113,234 truckloads; saved 316,804,122 long-haul freight miles; and reduced carbon output by 985,132 metric tons compared to trucks.


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