Seattle man gets Billy Idol to play his birthday


SEATTLE — After a two-year campaign, Michael Henrichsen persuaded Billy Idol to play his 26th birthday party Friday night.

In October 2010, Henrichsen had just turned 24 and was having an early life crisis. Friends were getting married and moving away. He was working three jobs and making little progress paying off $40,000 in college loans.

Listening to Idol’s “White Wedding,” Henrichsen mused, “Wouldn’t it be cool if we got Billy Idol to play at my birthday party?”

A friend built him a website to recruit Idol, which gained notoriety with endorsements from B- and C-list celebrities.

Local media outlets started to notice. And the Google news alerts made their way to Idol’s people. They called Henrichsen and told him the campaign was cool, but that they couldn’t promise anything.

Finally, last August, Idol’s people called from Japan, where he was touring, and said Idol was in, with his band. Henrichsen says he started screaming and running laps around the mall.

“It’s gonna be pretty much the coolest night ever,” says Henrichsen.


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