Perry Dozier has solid experience on key economic issues


I have had the pleasure of serving with Commissioner Perry Dozier while he was involved in the Washington Association of Wheat Growers.

I sat on the Executive Committee of WAWG when Perry was elected as a WAWG state officer. In preparation for a lobbying trip to Washington, D.C., we both attended the Ambassador Training Program at Princeton, where very valuable skills in communicating with our federal lawmakers was the focus of the program.

I have attended lobbying trips with Perry, both in Olympia and Washington, D.C., and have found him to be an extremely effective communicator with the legislators. When Perry became president of WAWG, he was asked by Sen. Patty Murray to testify for the United States Subcommittee on Transportation regarding monopolistic practices by the railroads.

This is indicative of Perry's background in understanding freight mobility for economic purposes. Walla Walla County utilizes rail services to move grain from the eastern part of the county to Wallula and Railex transports produce and wine to the East Coast.

Perry has a solid background in meeting the economic needs of our county.

The county relies on state and federal funding to support many of our county departments.

Being an effective and knowledgeable leader who can communicate the needs of our county is important and vital to the economic health of Walla Walla County. For these reasons, we need to re-elect Perry Dozier for another term as Walla Walla County commissioner.

J.P. Kent

Walla Walla


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