Union-Bulletin is wrong again


Once again the Union-Bulletin has clearly identified a problem, but picked exactly the wrong solution to fix it.

In your "Our Opinion" column of Oct. 17, you correctly identify that the Congress has been unproductive. The reason for that can be seen by anybody with half a brain: Harry Reid and the "do-nothing" Senate.

Two years ago, disgusted with the radical, liberal agenda of Barack Obama and the Democrat-controlled Congress, American voters did one of the biggest about -faces in history. The resulting 65-seat change in the House of Representatives put Republicans in the majority to help fix our problems.

The new Republican House immediately set about work. It passed responsible budgets that would set our fiscal house on the road to balancing the budget. The Senate hasn't passed a budget in over a 1,000 days. The House took on tough issues. It passed out a solution to help shore up our failing Social Security system to ensure it would be there as a safety net for future generations.

Our Medicare system, on which so many depend, is on life support and due to fail completely with in a couple of years. Republican Rep. Paul Ryan led a bipartisan solution that would preserve this vital program. Harry Reid and the Senate Democrats would not even allow these House bills to come up for debate. So Social Security and Medicare remain in grave danger.

The House repealed the abomination called Obamacare, which will likely drive up the cost of health care for the average family by $2,500, cause many to loose their existing health care and stifle growth in our economy. The Senate blocks any effort to fix this horribly bloated piece of legislation.

The solution, my friends, is to re-elect great leaders such as Cathy McMorris Rodgers to the productive House, Then we should dump Harry Reid's lackeys such as Maria Cantwell, elect Michael Baumgartner, and get the "do-nothing" Senate on a productive Republican-led course to solutions for America's tough problem.

By the way let's also dump the most worthless president since Jimmy Carter and elect a true leader, Mitt Romney, to the White House. Then we'll really fix the "do-nothing" problem.

Dan Nims

Walla Walla