Is Walla Walla really the friendliest city?


Yes, we are friendly to visiting tourists spending money in our community. But how friendly are we to a local business trying to make a living at a toy store?

If the only problem in Walla Walla is an octopus mural, we are truly a blessed community with no crime, no sickness, no hunger, no unemployed and no homeless. We live in a troubled world, so why can't we enjoy a little frivolity?

I think a ballot should be sent to local schools for the students to vote whether the octopus goes or stays. I'll guess the consensus will be the mural stays.

If everyone had to pay a fine for every little infraction, we might get enough money to build that swimming facility. Tsk tsk.

Leslie Rhoads

Walla Walla


DeadDawg 3 years, 1 month ago

The owner of the store can petition the United States Supreme Court! The store owner lost his case in the local and Appellate courts. The Washington State Supreme Court said they would not hear the case. Why did these meanies say this?? Ask the kids in Government class if you really wonder. We vote the legal minds we hire (elect) in and we can vote them out. If this octopus issue is more important to you than the local crime, homelessness, mental illness, job issues hammering our beautiful town: Plan on campaigning against all those folks that the grown up voters put into the position to "Judge" on our behalf.


Iopine 3 years, 1 month ago

The local officials really know how to redistribute our money to make it just a little bit unfriendly - maybe the sales tax should be included in all sales at the Walla Walla retail counters.


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