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Featured books will be available for the public today.

They can also be placed on hold online at or call the library for assistance at 527-4550.

Featured books include:


"Have You Seen Marie?," by Sandra Cisneros

The word "orphan" might not seem to apply to a 53-year-old woman, but that is how Sandra feels in the wake of her mother's death. What might save her is the search for her friend Roz's cat, who ran off the day they arrived from Tacoma.

As Sandra and Roz scour the streets of San Antonio for Marie, the pursuit of this one small creature takes on unexpected urgency and meaning. Love, even when it goes astray, does not stay lost forever.

This sweet story is illustrated by artist Ester Hernández.

"The Lemon Grove," by Ali Hosseini

This novel begins in the small town in southern Iran where twin boys Ruzbeh and Behruz were raised, and in their summer home, surrounded by a lemon grove.

Their idyll is shattered by personal and political events.

Both boys fall in love with Shireen, a childhood friend.

Behruz goes to America to escape the pain of competing for Shireen's affections.

Ruzbeh fights in the Iran-Iraq War and ends up alone and wandering the streets.

When Behruz returns to Iran to help his shell-shocked brother, he finds a country devastated by revolution and war and he sets off a series of events that change all their lives.


"All In: How the Best Managers Create a Culture of Belief and Drive Big Results," by Adrian Gostick and Chester Elton

No matter the size of group you manage, co-authors Adrian Gostick and Chester Elton explain how the biggest impact you can make on performance is to get your employees to buy into your ideas and to believe that what they do matters.

They address the challenge of building and sustaining a vibrant work culture and getting employees to commit to it wholeheartedly.

Such employees exhibit the "three Es"; they are engaged, enabled, and energized.

The authors present the essential steps for creating a culture of belief: Define a burning platform; create a customer focus; develop agility; share everything; partner with talent; root for each other and establish clear accountability.

"Some of My Best Friends Are Black: The Strange Story of Integration in America," by Tanner Colby

Tanner Colby woke up one morning and realized that he didn't know any black people.

Pressing friends and co-workers about their own lives, he found that true integration has made few inroads into many Americans' lives.

Colby set out to learn why this was, and he found that segregation never really died but was simply transformed.

He uses four stories to show how the strict legal barriers of Jim Crow came to be replaced by social mores and economic policies that endeavored to maintain a separate but equal status quo.

Tackling the political and economic issues of race, this book also shows how far we have come and how far all of us have left to go.


"Lionel Asbo: State of England," by Martin Amis; "The People of Forever Are Not Afraid," by Shani Boianjiu; "Along the Way: The Journey of a Father and Son," by Martin Sheen and Emilio Estevez; "Paper Made! 101 Exceptional Projects to Make Out of Everyday Paper," by Kayte Terry.


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