Solar power is a scheme that costs taxpayers


A businessman who installs solar panels in Washington state has made public how the scheme works. A $20,000 solar panel can be expected to produce maybe $400 worth of electricity per year. Obviously, a solar panel will not pay for itself in anybody's lifetime, so no rational person would buy one, and this businessman would be out of a job.

The business works because the Washington state government pays an incentive of $5,000 per year to the owner of the solar panel. This is not a one-time payment as one would expect if the government were trying to stimulate the building of a facility that would become self-supporting by producing something worth more than the production costs. No, this is $5,000 per year for as long as the solar panel sits there.

In other words, the Washington state government is shelling out $5,000 for every $400 worth of electricity. Any electricity. Once past the meter, there is no way to verify the electrical source. Sign the solar panel papers, then turn down your thermostat so as to lower your electrical bill by $400 per year, and the government will pay you $5,000 per year.

For any government that participates in this scheme, eventual bankruptcy is not just a possibility, it is a certainty.

Jim Thorn



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