Maureen Walsh's ad is an offense


Really, Maureen Walsh?

It seems amazing to see someone who would be thinking to offer God's sanction to "some" human activity ... we all have, and yet are going through our own griefs.

Also, I have friends, gay or not. In her ad, she is offering God's sanction to what she thinks He would? This is an offense to people who follow God's words, verse and Bible.

Did she read Jerry Votendahl's letter in the U-B Oct. 14? Perhaps she should. She might find it makes quite clear, the moral and legal facts.

Marjorie Grindley

Walla Walla


Iopine 3 years ago

Sure doesn't help her constituents when she dwells on her personal desires when she is supposed to be representing all of her citizens.


doughboy53 3 years ago

Maureen is indeed entitled to her own personal opinion, but she is elected to represent her constituents, not her self. Nobody is telling anybody that they can't love and love who they want. R-74 is not about sanctioning Love, its about marriage. The People will decide this issue Nov. 6th.


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