R-74 gives people a choice in marriage


I see confusion in some people willing to deny the rights, freedoms and protections that Referendum 74 would guarantee. It gives all people the choice to marry who they want regardless of their gender.

R-74 naysayers defend marriage steeped in religious beliefs insisting the Bible mandates marriage can only be between a man and a woman bound by God as they define God.

People being born with feelings to bond with the same sex and build a family together is nothing new.

The contractual agreement of public record that starts and stops at the courthouse is not the marriage contract steeped in religious beliefs. Domestic discord demands civil protections.

Personal relationships fall apart. The terrible twos of childhood don't cease to exist when we turn 3. We change, and as couples not always in the same ways and not necessarily together. Faith-based marriages and strictly civil marriages both are in jeopardy of divorce. They have not and will not be made worse due to passage of R-74.

The fact is people have entered into marriage with the opposite sex because it was the socially expected, legally mandated choice forced upon them by other people, trying to hold it together and hang in there for the kids and the rest of their families. They have had to finally admit their feelings of the love bond as a couple lies with another person of the same sex.

Had they have had the choice made possible by R-74 would their choice have been different?

Worldwide our most obsessive, deadliest ongoing arguments and wars are over religious beliefs.

America's expected social mandates have been rewritten to free the slaves because they were born with black skin, to stop marriage rape of women and other angry abuses. Wives are not bought and owned property. To stop child abuse because they need to be educated through life by caring adults willing to learn and mature with them, not beaten into compliance.

Will we ever achieve these ideals? The mean, discriminating words of childhood bullying carried into adulthood are the implications pronounced by saying no to passage of R-74.

You are a second-class citizen undeserving to share in my rights as I perceive my privileges to differ from you who do not live up to my expectations. This is the very base beginning thinking of the classic bully who has every excuse as to why he or she is not a bully.

Maureen Walsh is correct again. Do we need a rewrite? Yes.

Jean Dolling

Walla Walla


ahmanna 1 year, 5 months ago

Ms. Dolling, you should know that many people oppose same-sex marriage without the slighted bit of antipathy toward homosexuals. You are concerned with individuals, others are concerend about society; I believe changing the definition of marriage will undermine it as an institution. It has nothing to do with feeling acrimony toward gays. I finally sent my letter off opposing same-sex marriage, and do you know the number one reaosn I have hesitated this long? It's becasue I fear reprisals from people like you who have labeled me as a bad, horrible bully and maybe will do little things, like stage a protest at my place of work or leave threatening messages on my home phone. Your letters should not vilify the opposition.


oneStarman 1 year, 5 months ago

You may not be a horrible bully but you are ignorant. There was a time when people of different colors were not allowed to marry. There was a time when women were not allowed to vote. There was a time when a man could beat his wife and children nearly to death and it was called a 'Family Matter' and the Police turned a Blind Eye. There was a time when people were willing to die for a 'States Right' to allow the Rich to OWN their workforce on the Plantations. LUCKILY we are NOW Living in THIS TIME when we are learning that Human Beings are ALL Human Beings and that which diminishes ANY of US diminishes us ALL.


Kevconpat 1 year, 5 months ago

Dear'AMANNA, with due respect, your opinion is your's- but there you go again. Redefining marriage: That statement is dead wrong. Marriage will continue to be 'marriage' only that now, FINALLY it will allow American gay citizens... in-love, willing and desperatley wanting to be included fully into our society and with commitment, a 'civil marriage!' Get it, a 'civil marriage'. Do you understand Separation of Church and State!? No one is stepping on your personal or societal traditions. Gay people have, however been stepped on and worse for my entire life and before! It will not lesson anyones core religious beliefs, certainly not mine- It will, (the new law) insure religious freedom for those who appose from attending or performing same sex ceremonies. You cannot be sued for refusing to marry or fascilitate a same sex marriage ceremony! How about this... You will be offered an invitation to our our 'revow ceremony' so that once and for all you will see we share our love along with our friends and extended families just as you did when you married your spouse. Sorry to be so honest, but our friends and extended families are nearly all heterosexual! They understand from 'The Heart'. Perhaps you should listen to your heart more and reject fear and doom and gloom from some of those around you. Our 7 year REAL Canadian marriage has already been shared everyday here and no one person including you has been hurt, rather you without your knowledge has been helped by it. Please, wake up. 10 countries all ready have 'Equal Marriage' ... and these are all Democracies with full religious liberties. Can you honestly say CANADA is anything less-(With Marriage Equality) then a wonderfully healthy, at peace Democracy? It's citizens are free people, a true mosaic of nationalities. As for your claim of harassment- if true it is wrong, period! It seems people have opposite takes or opinions, like me. Is my rebuttal to you harassment? In my 55 years of life I too have been harrased and belittled . I have been refused housing accomodation, ( rental) in 1992, Seattle. I was not picked for a job,(Vashond Island) at a coffee roasterie in 1990 after management found out I was gay. In 1987, (San Francisco) I was hog-tied, faced down and then shot and stabbed multiple times...I guess maybe I have been harassed, too. Your Neighbors, K & M


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