R-74 is nothing to freak out about


I find it both fascinating and disturbing the number of people who are freaked out by the possibility of Referendum 74 passing.

The fact of the matter is that when gay marriage becomes legal nothing will change for the typical homophobic heterosexual. Nothing.

Homophobic heterosexuals don't go to churches that will celebrate gay marriage. They don't have gay friends -- at least they don't think so -- so they won't be invited to any gay weddings. Domestic partnerships had no impact on their heterosexual unions, and neither will gay marriages.

Finally, what your children experience in school won't change either because schools don't talk about marriage (gay or otherwise). It's not part of the curriculum in math, science or reading. It doesn't come up in PE or music either.

So all you panicking homophobes, just relax. Except for the headlines, you won't even notice when gay marriage becomes legal. Your humdrum lives will remain the same.

But those of us who welcome gays in our lives and in our society, and especially those who are gay, will certainly notice, and we will be rejoicing! We'll be partying because we'll have lots of weddings to attend!

Marisol Beck

Walla Walla


Kevconpat 2 years, 11 months ago

Ms Beck is right on all accounts! When Domestic Partnership became law- voted in by referendum in 2009 no heterosexual marriage changed a bit. The urgent warning of dier societal degradation to married heterosexual couples shouted out by extremist touting scewed Christian values; their one size fit's all values was like an earthquake registering 1.0 on the richter scale! Not a thing changed except their rhetoric! Believe my way or the hell-highway is your truth... Oh please! Grow up! Registered Domestic Partnership couples did feel a bit more included into this state, but really- without recognition by statute in any other state or country, this new cataegory of seperate but equal was a joke! Read This: Civil marriage is a right and should be allowed all citizens! Religious Marriage is a choice and should be allowed by all those who wish it. Not one Gay couple would seek to be married in any religious institution who's tenents do not support same-sex love and commitment! They will instead be welcomed into the many religious institutions who are affirming and loving of all God's children. Stop bigotry! I feel sorry for any children or adult who is misled by their fear mongering. To my loving family, (Mom, Dad, siblings, grandchildren and friends!) we shall press forward! Finally, to all our military personnel who lost their same-sex Partner in Iraq and Afghanistan may peace be with you- There was a time, (17 years) of STEIFLED bigotry of Don't Ask Don't Tell. A disgrace against all our military, the finest in the world! God bless them, all!


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