Time to make switch to Cowan


It was good to be reminded of the votes cast by Cathy McMorris Rodgers as stated by Mary Lou Yocum in her Oct. 15 letter.

For about six months I emailed and telephoned her office to express my personal concerns and opinions. There was always a form letter acknowledgement, but at no time was there indication that my concerns had been received.

When I expressed concern about a government close down because of a deadlock over the debt ceiling, I received an email indicating her positive support of abortion prohibition.

I questioned her responses and received another email about her positive attitude of support for continued war efforts. Cooperation with representatives across the aisle didn't appear to be a consideration, even when I mentioned the country's low approval rating of Congress.

Instead I received emails detailing her victories and achievements. After a while I gave up, deciding that this member of Congress wasn't particularly interested in constituent opinion.

When I lived in Mississippi, our local representative was a Democrat in a very, very Republican area. He held monthly town hall meetings throughout the area, answered real questions and showed an interest in the well-being of his constituents and how he could help to make Congress work better.

I guess I was naive to think that other congresspeople would have the same "eager-to-serve" attitude. I believe it is time to hold our congresspeople accountable for their inaction and general disrespect for their constituents.

I will be voting for such a change by voting for Rich Cowan.

Valerie Weaver

Walla Walla


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