Use octopus fines to fund Aviary


May I suggest that the fine levied against the octopus be used to finance the Aviary in Pioneer Park? Then the City Council could choose another business to levy a fine against with some kind of trumped-up charge, thereby find funding for some other need such as street repair, new decorations for downtown, even raises.

This system of fines could eventually replace the need for bonds or levies. I know it sounds crazy but it fits right in with the mental process of those who make the decisions of how and what transpires within our fair city.

I know this letter does not endorse any candidate, but it does provide food for thought.

The octopus downtown is a fine example of a mural and far exceeds Colonel Pigeon, a dog doing a balancing act or all of those chickens on the corner by the Bistro.

All I can say if business owners want to do anything, they need to be sure they get the blessing of the City Council and be sure to purchase a permit, otherwise, they will find themselves in the same boat as Mr. Catsiff -- and without a paddle.

And as for the election, be sure to vote. Without voting you can't complain and you can be assured I'm voting.

Congratulations on the sale of the mall property -- a job well done.

Now let's do something with it that produces jobs and revenue.

Rex Miller

College Place


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