Vote for change in Weston


Citizens of Weston are encouraged to vote in the current election as there are changes that need to be made in the city of Weston. The current City Council has allowed spending over $200,000 for renovations on the City Hall with only 41 citizens voting (36 yes and five no) and approximately $800,000 is needed to complete the project. At the very least a special election should have been held to give all citizens a voice.

The current Council has been involved in biased, unfair appointments to City Council, five applicants and none interviewed), unfair hiring practices for the positions of city recorder (not posted), part-time city recorder (not posted -- hired as a temp through a temp Agency, then hired as city employee at August 2012 City Council meeting with a raise), Police Department evidence clerk (not posted) and part-time Public Works employees (not posted in newspaper as stated at April 2012 Council meeting).

Our current Council has allowed department heads to have out-of-control spending with no accountability per audit review.

Our current Council has no plan in place to replace funds taken from the General Fund, which has been reduced by approximately $400,000 in the last four years.

Also this Council has started projects and spent city dollars without research. A new shop at the cost of $50,000 was purchased for a location that was not owned by the city and has been sitting at the distributor for a year.

Debbie and I agree that Weston needs to move forward but do we really want four more years of the current decline? A vote for Tim Crampton as mayor, Rick Stephens as councilor and John Mattila as councilor is a vote for transparency, accountability and responsibility in our city government.

David Michael



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