What would you do for a stable future?


Let's try to take an objective look at climate change. I know that images of flooded Florida, Big Oil and economic collapse are flashing into your head. Ignore them.

Here are the basics.

We know that scientists have identified that carbon dioxide -- along with other "greenhouse gases" -- trap heat from escaping our atmosphere. This is the universal scientific consensus.

Humans are emitting large amounts of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere by burning fossil fuels.

These emissions are warming our planet and in turn shifting weather patterns, raising sea levels and causing increases in disease. Scientists have no incentive to lie to us about global warming.

It is time for us as a nation, and as a human race, to accept that our actions are impacting the Earth's climate on an unprecedented level.

God not only gave us the power to dramatically change our environment, but also the ability to judge the consequences of our actions. Adam's and Eve's sole job was to tend the garden of Eden. With power comes responsibility.

The trouble is that our modern way of living is built upon a carbon economy. In the United States our high per capita GDP is directly related to our high productivity. One American can produce, and in turn consume, more than most people on Earth. Unfortunately, our great productivity is directly related to our emission of carbon dioxide.

The machines we operate, the cars we drive, the electricity we use to run our appliances, all emit carbon dioxide.

Switching away from fossil fuels would be the biggest, and most difficult, change that humanity has ever undertaken.

Our idea of success has to change: we can no longer define ourselves by what we consume. The American dream of a car in every garage and a steak on every table is dependent on fossil fuels; however this doesn't mean we couldn't live enjoyable carbon-neutral lives, we just don't yet know how.

It is your job as a human, as a voter, and as a consumer to decide what is essential to your existence. What would you give up in order to help secure a stable future for your children?

What do you really value in life?

Eli Robinson

Walla Walla


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