Local Corps workers assist on East Coast


WALLA WALLA — Fifteen U.S. Army Corps of Engineers employees from the Walla Walla District departed for the eastern states Sunday in response to the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s request to provide support to areas projected to be impacted by Hurricane Sandy, according to district emergency management officials here.

Walla Walla District sent 14 emergency power team members to assist FEMA emergency operations centers in three northeastern states: Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Connecticut, according to news release.

Additionally, an emergency power expert from Walla Walla District’s Little Goose Lock and Dam deployed Sunday to support FEMA Region III in its Philadelphia emergency operations center.

The Walla Walla District maintains two of the Corps’ seven power teams. The all-volunteer teams can provide backup electrical power generation anywhere an emergency makes the service needed

Team members agree to be in an on-call status, ready to deploy on short-notice when disaster strikes. Power team members directly support FEMA emergency management staging areas and operations centers.

For information about the Corps’ support to FEMA in response to Hurricane Sandy, go to ubne.ws/S8S7Cv.

For more information about hurricane and severe storm activity, go to www.nhc.noaa.gov.


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