How can people afford more taxes?


I read the front page article on the school district of Walla Walla considering a new bond request.

So far it has added another $100 to each house in Walla Walla taxes, already making the common house of $250,000 around the figure of $1,250 a year.

With all the other increases and Police Department bond, I don't see how people can afford another raise in taxes! This is a small town and I can't see the need for a new building with the high school falling in numbers.

There have been cuts also to bus drivers and school teachers in hours, and increases in insurance rates to employees.

Can you publish this before they start, cause I'm sure people don't know the effects of the increases for homeowners and apartment owners.

Jerry Knudson

Walla Walla


oneStarman 2 years, 10 months ago

I find it Interesting that people in Walla Walla have No Problem paying $16,000,000 for a Cop Fortress complete with a TANK that looks like it was built to Hold Off the INSURGENTS at Fallujah Iraq; but have TWICE rejected a Water Park like Milton Freewater has for Children to Play In during Hot Summer Months. When I was a Child we could swim at Memorial Pool or Roller Skate at the 'Nat' or play Pool at Paul's Rec Center. What do we have for our Kids today except for GANGS? When I lived in the Tiny Town of Ephrata, WA the town did right by its Kids and even flew in Soccer Coaches from Europe when that Sport was just catching on in the U.S. When a School Bond was called for in THAT Town it Always Passed OVERWHELMINGLY. Why are Most of the Old People so Selfish in Our Town?


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