Romney, McMorris Rodgers are needed


I recently had the privilege of working for U.S. Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers for two years as her deputy director for the southern district. I represented her in the region from Wallula to Pullman.

She had the most professional, skilled, trained staff I had ever encountered. Responding to the needs and requests of her constituents was her number one concern. We logged every phone call, letter and comment into her database for a response.

I often received calls from people thanking us for a response, many from out of her district. Yes the letter was composed by staff, but she received a binder -- yes binder -- that she went home with every Friday night reviewing matters and meetings from all staff member for the week. She teleconferenced with all staff every Monday and Friday to keep tabs of needs in the district.

Her rise in the GOP leadership was a tribute to her intelligence, communication and organizational skills. This was a major accomplishment and a huge advantage for our area. Political capital plays an important part in government and this gave residents in our state a great advantage.

Her position helped us benefit from many projects throughout the state because her opinion and reputation as a team player was respected. She regularly worked across the aisle to achieve positive outcomes.

This was my perfect job and a real eye opener. I grew up with the idea that laws and rules were passed by their title and merit as simply stated. I was appalled to watch simple bills and laws turned into atrocious blackmail schemes. We desperately need a commander-in-chief who will provide leadership to this terribly broken system.

I strongly urge you to return Cathy McMorris Rodgers to Congress and elect a strong, ethical leader, Mitt Romney, to rescue our fractured government.

Geraldine "Gerri" Coleman

Walla Walla


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