Archery can be a mental sport -- as well as an adventure


Why should any kid want to shoot a bow?

Let’s see, you can shoot outdoor targets, indoors ranges, stump shooting, bowfishing, golf archery, 3D shoots or hunting.

It is an activity they can do by themselves or in a group and meet new friends.

They can choose a compound or traditional bow, and even train for the Olympics.

I remember winning my first tournament at 7 years old.

At that time the title for young archers was the “Pee Wee” division. I went around the outdoor course with a group of archers not really knowing how I was doing.

I just shot at those animal targets the best I could. When we were all done I got a prize, a folding knife with lots of different tools.

It is memorable for several reasons. It was something I did with my parents and it taught me control at a young age.

There are few activities you can do with the versatility of a bow and arrow at a very low cost. The cost of a starter bow set is under $70 complete with arrows and armguard.

Since archery is primarily a mental sport, it is great for young minds. It can be a lot of fun in a number of different ways.

In addition, as they practice to increase accuracy and be more consistent they are learning control and improving concentration.

You can have some great adventures.

I remember when I was about 10 years old, my parents took me to the river where there were thousands of carp in a small pond that was drying up. You would actually step on the large fish as you walked in the two feet of water.

I had been taught to always take care of my bow.

One of the lady archers trying to shoot some carp was not happy about the fish hitting her legs as she waded into the two feet of water.

Then, when she actually stepped on a fish it caused her to slip!

She was sitting on a couple live fish screaming at the top of her lungs when I remembered what I was taught. I quickly grabbed her bow and told her not to get it wet.

Hey, you want to take care of your equipment, and the fish and mud she was sitting on would wash off.

She eventually stopped screaming.

My parents could not control their laughter.

The new interest in archery from current movies and new TV series is creating families doing more together.

I remember when I got a call in 1978 from a man wanting bows and arrows for a mid-season show.

I asked if the show would be positive for archery. He assured me it was, but needed the bows in three days. The name sounded a little weird — “Dukes of Hazzard.”

I agreed to get them bows for product promotion. To say the least, the show created many new archers. I guess that whole story should be told another time.

I have talked to several parents who never shot a bow themselves.

After buying a youth bow set for their son or daughter and shooting it a few times, they became interested themselves.

Bottom line, flinging a few arrows is something the whole family can enjoy, while bringing you closer together and building cherished memories.

Shoot at balloons, paper targets, guess the distance of a stump or clump of grass to see who can get closest.

Shoot at paper plates, or baby aspirin. Yes, baby aspirin!

For video see Aspirin Buster on YouTube

For articles by The Aspirin Buster Frank Addington visit website

Many manufacturers now make great packages for any age to get started. Recurves, longbows and compounds can all be a lot of fun and challenging.

Get out and fling some arrows.

Archery is a true family sport.

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Terry grew up in the family archery business building arrows, accessories, and shooting in tournaments from the age 6. In the early l’70s he began designing and patenting the first Martin compound bows. Many of the features are used throughout the industry today.

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