Perry Dozier is still correct choice


With the Nov. 6 election approaching, I feel it is important that each voter examine the qualifications of the candidates and make a well-informed choice.

As a taxpayer and resident of Walla Walla County for 39 years, I, along with the rest of the community, have been fortunate to have fiscally responsible county commissioners elected to office throughout the years.

For example, we presently have three individuals in office who have signed both sides of a paycheck and met that obligation with their own money. I feel very strongly that this single point should be a requirement for all elected officials.

In regard to the race for Walla Walla County commissioner, District 2, Perry Dozier has demonstrated that he possesses all of the attributes required to be an effective commissioner.

Perry is a member of the current County Board of Commissioners who operate on the premises that the county must maintain a 25 percent reserve fund.

This practice demonstrates the understanding of fiscal responsibility and insures the long-term financial stability of Walla Walla County.

Perry's opponent, Chris Blackman, has stated that she would spend the reserve down to 10 percent by increasing budget capacity for different county departments.

This merely amounts to a short-term solution to an ongoing challenge. Ms. Blackman's plan may ease the pain in 2013, but it will make matters worse in 2014 and beyond when the additional 15 percent of reserves no longer exist.

By kicking the can down the road, as Ms. Blackman suggests, we would be headed down the same financial path as the federal government.

Additionally, I was surprised to read that Ms. Blackman would choose laying people off rather than implementing furlough days. I wonder what her preference would be if it was her job hanging in the balance.

In addition to Commissioner Dozier's fiscal understanding and proficiency, he brings his vast experience in land development to his elected position. Furthermore, Commissioner Dozier has served with distinction in leadership roles on countless community, county, regional and state boards.

In contrast, Ms. Blackman has spent her professional career receiving a check from public entities and as an educator. These are hardly the credentials needed to fill a county commissioner position in these challenging economic times.

In 2008 Perry Dozier was the correct choice and he remains the correct choice in 2012. Please join me in casting your vote for Perry for Walla Walla County commissioner, District 2.

Frank O'Leary

Walla Walla


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