Seniors on Wa-Hi soccer team champions to fans


Last week the girl's Walla Walla High School soccer team completed its season quietly with a first round loss in the playoffs.

A soccer season ending with too few victories, tears and with heavy hearts. Players will turn in their jerseys and clean out their athletic bags. They will continue to excel in classroom, and start preparing for their next sport.

But there is so much more to this team and the seniors who played.

Six seniors finished the season, a season that began many years prior. Playing as little bobble-head soccer players, randomly kicking at the ball in beehive formation against one another through the Parks and Recreation program. Later joining to play together as friends within club soccer ("Blast IT") and then finally as a Wa-Hi team.

Each individual possessing different strengths, different personalities and different playing styles. Some would use finesse, while others would bowl you over. Some would bark out directions, while others would lead by example. A set of players uniquely talented, but sharing in the most important attributes.

All gave their all in every game they played and when they were exhausted, bloody and sore, they dug deeper and deeper, giving more. They played with a passion for the game, a respect for each other, never giving less because the score was against them. All were leaders, representing their team, their school and their city with the utmost class and competitiveness -- #14 Maggie Callan, #12 Dominique Cox, #9 Brittany Gibbar, #11 Allie Greene, #13 Brigit Lyons and #3 Anna Pettyjohn.

They were a pleasure to coach, watch and to cheer for. So from the fans in the stands, we all salute you, our senior soccer champions.

Kim Callan

Walla Walla


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