2012 volleyball



Coach — Matt Helm, first season.

Last year — 4-18, 3-13 in conference.

Key player graduation/losses — Anny Sing, L, transfer, Samantha Cahill, transfer.

Key returners — Jillian Davis, OH; Courtney Brewer, MB; Olivia Nielson, MB, Taylor Austin-Brenner, S, Rachel Klein, S, Rachel Stober, newcomer Hannah Linsenmayer, L.

Strengths — blocking, team chemistry, ball control.

Weaknesses — inexperience.

“We’re working on how to win, we’ll keep it on that. That’s going to be big for us, playing our game.” — Matt Helm.

Walla Walla University

Coach — Sara Todorovich, first year, assistant one year.

Key losses — Heather McFadden, OH, Natalie Wilkening, OH, Michelle Warner, RS.

Key returners — Kelsey Schafer, S, Kara Moon, RS/MB, Emily Yip, MB.

Strengths — setting, leadership, desire, defense.

Weaknesses — blocking, hitting.

“Overall, we have great leaders. They really bring the team together.” — Sara Todorovich.


Coach — Tim Toon, 20th year.

Last year — 35-10, second in NWAACC, 11-3 in league.

Key losses — Brittany Dominguez, MH/B, Kayla Hanus, S.

Key returners — Renee Baumann, OH, Desiree Nielson, MH.

Strengths — defense.

Weaknesses — turnover.

“JaLisa Jose, from Asotin High School, just is pounding the ball and really impressing me. Jess Smith, (L, transfer from Arizona Western) she has college experience, and she’s playing like she has that kind of experience.” — Tim Toon.


Coach — Don Hepker, first year

Last year — 15-12, 6-6 CBBN, won district tournament, fourth at regionals.

Key losses — nine graduated. “Everyone was a key loss, we’re looking at a brand new team this year.” — Hepker.

Key returners — Torri Crawford, MH.

Strengths — good serving, solid defense, strong hitters.

Weaknesses — youth at setter.

“We’re going to be young in the setting position. Both of my setters are coming along very fast, but they are young.” — Don Hepker.


Coach — Kaila Rodighiero, third year, Mac-Hi alumna.

Last year — third in league.

Key losses — Jolene Brannan, backrow.

Key returners — Avery Wells, MB, Cheyenne Kessler all around, Megan Reed, all around..

Strengths — scrappiness, experience.

Weaknesses — height.

“We have a big group that’s been playing together for three years now. My girls play well under chaos, they’re scrappy. Because they don’t have height, they have scrappiness to make up for it.” — Kaila Rodighiero


Coach — Hailee Cole, first year, 2 years JV coach at DeSales.

Last year — 9-3

Key losses — Abby LaRue MB, Chantel Blanc S, Stephanie Ferrel OH, Annie Higgens OH, Bethany Conen DS.

Key returners — Jade Donnelly OH, Ashton Montgomery OH, Claire Conley MB.

Strengths — leadership, height, dedication.

Weaknesses — inexperience.

“We have a really talented team, but they’re just young. I think that we’ll be pretty strong.” — Hailee Cole.


Coach — Shannon Turner, 12th year at Dayton, 23 years coaching.

Last year — 11-1, SE2B champs.

Key losses — Nicole Lambert, L.

Key returners — McKayla Bickelhaupt, OH, Jessica Tate, all over, Courtney Ming, MB, Chelsea Wooldridge, S, Sarah Phillips, L, Lexie Ramirez, all over.

Strengths — speed, defense, passing, height.

Weaknesses — none.

“We play good defense and pass the ball well. They’re all very competitive and want to win. But basically, they’re good defensively and we’ll be tall.” — Shannon Turner.


Coach — Bruce Crossfield, fourth year.

Last year — 16-11.

Key losses — Hailey Koller, S, Delaney Monahan, MB, Kenzie Bott, MB.

Key returners — Mackenzie Monahan, OH, McKenzie Uto, OH, Savannah Ruark, MH.

Strengths — leadership, strong offeseason work.

Weaknesses — depth.

“We won’t have the depth we’ve had before. We’ve got kids that are making progress at practice, but they’re not ready to step in yet. A lot of our kids have played club volleyball, so it’s not like they’ve never played before, but we’ll be young.” — Bruce Crossfield


Coach — Angie Potts, second year at W-P, 20th year overall.

Last year — 7-5, fourth in league, third at districts.

Key losses — Dionna Baker MH, Ronnie Hulce, MH, Kayla Huxoll, S, Amanda Cook, RH, Sarah Mascall, OH.

Key returners — Krystal Harris, OH, Jennifer Nichols, L, Adriana Benito, L, Samantha Fedderson, MH, Rhiannon Chapman, OH.

Strengths — teamwork, scrappy defense.

Weaknesses — youth at setter.

“With just a week into practice, I would identify their teamwork as a strength. They seem to be working together really well even though we’re still mixed with girls that are JV. I would say that this group is scrappier on defense.” — Angie Potts.


Coach — April Miller, second year.

Last year — 0-16.

Key losses — Josie Christopher (Sewell), MB, Angie Moravec, OH.

Key returners — Kristen Warner, MB.

Strengths — good attitudes, leadership.

Weaknesses — youth, inexperience.

“We’re going to be really young again this year. We’re going to do a lot of growing this year. They get along well, they all have really good attitudes, and they’re all willing to learn — so we’re growing in the right direction. Kristen (Warner) is a really good leader, so she’ll be a strong example for the other girls.”


Coach — Scott Schafer, fifth year.

Last year — 10-9, 7-5.

Key losses — Kristianna Buell, S.

Key returners — Megan Gregg, OH, Caroline Larson, MH/OH, Helena Brown, S, Rilee Sutton, S/RH, Amy Arnzen, OH, Hannah Woolever, M, 11.

Strengths — passing, hitting, maturity.

Weaknesses — depth.

“We’re going to be a better passing team. Our serving has improved, as has our hitting. When you’re a young team, the ups and downs can get to you. We’re a little more mature this year.” — Scott Schafer


Coach — Shawn White, 10th year.

Last year — 24-9 overall, 13-1 in league. First place in Blue Mountain Conference, seventh at state.

Key losses — Renee Baumann, OH; Tiffany Cain, OH; LeAne Harnden, L; Jordan Reger, RS/S; Haley Freske, MB.

Key returners — Morgan Entze, S/RS; Katy West, MB; Jaymie Zimmerman, S/RS; McKayla Carlin, L; Molly von Borstel, OH.

Strengths — defense, speed, and team chemistry.

Weaknesses — Lack of height.

“We’re going to be short shorter and shortest. We’re pretty good athletes across the board and we jump well. For us it’s going to be making sure that we do everything correctly. We’ve been short for a long time, for whatever reason, but not quite this short. We’re learning to play behind that and we’ll be OK.” — Shawn White.


Coach — Tammie Parker, 12th year.

Last year — 0-16

Key losses — Sidney Cave, MB (injury), Erin Cooper, OH, Kristen Williams, MB, McKayla Nitz S.

Key returners — Blythe Gabriel, OH, Anna Goodwin, DS, Brittney Isles, S.

Strengths — willingness to learn, attitude.

Weaknesses — inexperience.

“I would say that one of our strengths is that the kids are all willing to learn and are working really hard to make the transition from junior high to high school volleyball. Some of them will start for the varsity team, and it is a big transition. Everyone seems to have really good attitudes and feels that we can get to the point we need to.” — Tammie Parker.


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