Library Users Coalition is grabbing for cash


I am a senior citizen from Prescott. I am quite annoyed by the letters that have appeared in the Union-Bulletin by the Library Users Coalition and its supporters.

I would like to know why Library Users Coalition members feel they can insist that the county commissioners get rid of all the members on the Rural Library District Board. I feel it is important for all of the residents in the outlying area to know exactly why we would lose our Board members.

The LUC has not spoken to anyone in Prescott nor in the surroundings ares. In fact, many of the residents don’t even know what is going on between the LUC and the Rural Library District Board members. I will be happy to inform as many people as I can and maybe the LUC can come to Prescott, Touchet, Burbank and Vista Hermosa and inform us.

I would like to praise the Rural Library District Board of Trustees for its diligence over the last 38 years for investing money wisely so that one day we could have libraries we could be proud of. It makes me sad to think there are people in Walla Walla who are so unkind that they would try to take over our Board of Trustees.

Isn’t it funny that you never heard about the Library Users Coalition group until after it earned that the Rural Library District had money to spend on a new building?

I would also praise Board Trustee Patsy Adams-Warnock for being such a good advocate for the residents of Prescott and the surrounding areas. Hang in there Patsy, and keep up the good work.

Susan Segraves



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