Take stand for Rural Library District


I have been told by many there is support for the building plans of the Walla Walla County Rural Library District — but people are hesitant to say so publicly.

They tell me there will be retaliation if they speak their mind — or they have friends in a position of influence who they feel they can’t contradict. They say they are worried about damage to their reputations and/or businesses if they speak their mind.

This isn’t the Walla Walla I know.

The Walla Walla I know does not participate in threats, intimidation and bullying. The Walla Walla I know does not intimidate citizens into silence.

The Library Users Coalition wants annexation of the city of Walla Walla to the Rural Library District to occur — but its annexation request is poisoned with conditions asked of three different entities and includes promises of removing the entire Rural Library District Board. You would be hard pressed to find any other library annexation process framed in this confrontational way.

The Library Users Coalition have requested the city of Walla Walla and the Walla Walla County commissioners enter into an agreement to tell the Rural Library District how it will operate and who its board members will be. In return they promised to submit a complaint to unseat the existing Rural Library District Board.

Allen Kopf, official representative of the Library Users Coalition, stood before the Rural Library Board on Aug. 13 — his first time officially on the meeting agenda — to ask for support for annexation.

But as he stood before the Rural Library District Board that afternoon asking for support, he apparently forgot to mention that eight hours earlier he stood in front of the county commissioners and officially asked for the Rural Library District Board’s removal.

Wake up Walla Walla County.

Be brave. Be heard.

Josh Westbrook

Walla Walla


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