We must decide what we want


“What happened?” is the question our kids or grandkids will be asking if we don’t stop what the government is doing.

If things continue as they are right now, this country will be just like every other socialistic country in the world and we won’t have anyone to blame but ourselves.

We are coming upon another election in November and we need to decide at that time whether we keep the current people in or do we get rid of them and try someone new, no matter what party they are with. As it stands right now, the president and his people have a larger deficit any other president and want to spend more which we don’t have.

The president’s new slogan is “Forward,” which has been used in the past by other leaders, and if you research it you will find out they were all socialists.

What scares me is the fact that the president has decided that instead of going through Congress to pass bills, he feels that he can do whatever he wants by executive order, despite not having that power. We are a republic, not a monarchy or a socialistic country.

If you don’t think this is possible, then you need to look at the regs that the EPA has put out and read Obamacare. Just these two areas alone will show that they don’t care about anything but redistributing the wealth.

They have about nearly bankrupted the coal industry, which in a few years, will cause us to pay three to eight times as much for electricity. And the taxes that are in Obamacare will cause so-called middle -class people to be even poorer.

Don’t sell your house next year, you will be charged a 3 percent tax on it. Medical supplies will be taxed also.

So we really need to decide which way we want the country to go. Do we want to be like Europe and near bankrupt or do we want to try to stop it before we get there? Or will our kids and grandkids blame us for what we did?

Greg Laughery



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