Look into Obama booklet further


This is to inform readers of the Perspective section of Sept. 2 that Sharon Benzel's letter gives a distorted view of what happened in 1991 involving Barack Obama and a booklet titled "Journeys in Black and White."

Rather than my correcting Benzel, I advise interested readers to Google the above title for themselves to get a fuller picture. You will learn that Obama did not actually write "Journeys in Black and White;" instead a promotional booklet of 31 pages came out with that title in 1991, written by Obama's then-literary agent who was responsible for mistakenly giving Kenya as Obama's place of birth. The literary agent's firm was called Acton and Dystel.

Benzel's letter is not only selective in drawing conclusions; she also has some facts wrong.

Ray Norsworthy

Walla Walla


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