Union-Bulletin begins election endorsements


Whether voters agree with the U-B’s recommendations is unimportant compared with the importance of making an informed vote.

Citizens have a responsibility to vote, and vote responsibly.

Unfortunately, many people don’t vote and others don’t take the time to educate themselves on the candidates and the issues.

But a community dialogue on the candidates and issues can generate interest and encourage voters to learn more about the candidates and issues.

It is our hope that our ballot recommendations, which we will begin publishing Friday, will stimulate debate and discussion about the Nov. 6 general election.

This year voters in Washington state face a very crowded ballot that includes local, state and national races as well as statewide ballot measures.

Some people have misconceptions about the motives of the Union-Bulletin’s editorial endorsements. They seem to believe the Union-Bulletin hopes to influence the outcome of elections by making endorsements. Some even believe the newspaper hopes citizens will take its list of recommendations to the polls and mark their ballots accordingly.

That’s not the case.

The Union-Bulletin believes it has a responsibility to the community to try to stimulate interest and debate in the campaign.

It further believes the best way to do so is to make recommendations, giving voters a starting point for discussions and debates about each issue and each race.

The opinions expressed in the Union-Bulletin’s recommendations are those of its four-person editorial board, consisting of Publisher Rob Blethen, Editorial Page Editor Rick Eskil, Editor Rick Doyle and Deirdre Bealey, the U-B’s human resources manager.

Endorsements are based on information obtained in interviews with the candidates and research of candidates and the issues in each campaign.

Recommendations will be published in time to allow opposing viewpoints from candidates or interested citizens.

Letters will be published prior to the election as long as they are in the Union-Bulletin office, First Avenue and Poplar Street, by noon Oct. 30 and conform to the letter guidelines.

If possible, please email letters to letters@wwub.com.

Letters must be less than 400 words.

All letters are subject to condensation and will be edited for spelling, grammar, libel, taste, factuality and style.


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