Where are jobs Obama added?


This is in answer to Bruce McCutcheon's letter, "Congress is broken."

It seems to me that Bruce is not doing his homework again, before he writes. He claims that Congress is not doing its job and we the people are dissatisfied with our representatives.

Well, I for one, think the House is doing a good job but it is the Senate that is blocking everything and that is controlled by Harry Reid and the socialist Democrats. Reid won't let legislation from the House come up for a vote and the Senate has not written a budget for more than three years, so our country operates on a continuing resolution where the doors to the Treasury are always open and Obama and the socialist Democrats can raid it at any and all times.

The tax money and the borrowed money are at their disposal at all times for wasteful projects like Solyndra, etc.

As for the legislation that the Congress has blocked, go back and see what was added to the bills and who added it to cause the "no" vote.

Again, tell me how the jobs added by Obama, as new jobs, 4.5 million, are not mostly companies rehiring from the recession. New jobs created should be just that and they should only come when all the jobs that were lost at the start of the recession have come back. When there are millions less people employed now that when Obama took office, he is not adding new jobs.

Now let's look at labor facts under Reagan, Bush and Obama.

First: Reagan took over in January 1981. The U.S. had lost 2.8 million jobs during the Carter recession. In three years, Reagan added 9.8 million jobs, replacing the 2.8 million and added 7 million new jobs. Fact!

Second: Bush took over in January 2001. Total employment was at 135.8 million and when he left office eight years later it was at 153.7 million. Again, fact!

Third: Obama took office in January 2009 with 153.7 million employed but dropping because of the recession caused by the Democrats.

I have the facts!

In July 2012 total employment stands at 142.2 million, so explain to me again how Obama has added so many jobs! This information comes to you from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. All facts!

Robert Jackson

Walla Walla


scottyr 3 years, 2 months ago

Okay, since we're quoting Department of Labor statistics, here's one to consider. For the past half century (that's 50 years if you're counting), the Republicans have been the administrative leader of the country for 28 years. The Democrats, 23 years. In that period of time labor statistics show 23.9 million jobs were added to the public sector by Republicans while in their 23 years the Democrats added 42.3 milion jobs. There's a lot of claims being made that jobs today just can't be found but, how do you explain that every big and small city in this country seems to have its roadways crammed to capacity during the commuter hours????


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