Maintenance isn’t WW’s strong suit


Topic: Rural Library District in Prescott, or Travels on the Turnip Truck.

After I ate a meal at the Tuxedo, I walked past the newly remodeled K-12 school, arrived at the flowery Fieldview Park and swam at the Prescott Pool.

In doing so I nearly missed my ride on the Turnip Truck as it departed southbound on the highway as part of the monthly Wagon Train into the big city. When the Wagon Train arrived in Walla Walla we found the natives to be friendly while, at the same time, the elected municipal leaders and their friends were busy working to take control of the Rural Library Board and the tidy nest egg the Board has accumulated for district enhancements and expansion.

Long-term maintenance does not appear to be the city of Walla Walla’s strong suit with Memorial Pool, the roads and streets, the water and sewer delivery lines and the Blue Mountain Mall as the best examples. Memorial Pool was closed a number of years ago, the streets and roads and water and sewer lines are all deteriorating due to long deferred and neglectful maintenance. All need to be replaced. Why would anyone think it could do any better controlling and being in charge of a countywide library system?

Better that it get its own house in order before disrespecting and trying to evict its neighbors, it would seem to me. I caught my ride on the Turnip Truck once again as the Wagon Train headed north on the highway to Prescott.

I was thankful to be back home in Prescott where our Prescott Library branch is very busy and our unelected representative, and my good friend Patsy Adams Warnock, is doing a great job along with all of the other Rural Library District Board members and staff. They deserve our support.

Douglas Venn



Carlotta 2 years, 10 months ago

Walla Walla does a good job of patting itself on the back and working hard to make others look bad. It does a good job in the downtown area and supporting the wine people. But it is way to dependent to be so snobby. Whitman and WWCC are good examples of things that work well. The city not so much. They have ignored streets, and many services for the public. They haven't gotten the word out when additional funds are needed. They haven't polled the public to find out what they want. The pool issue just went down. If a poll had been taken, I believe they would have found people would have supported a regular pool or fixing up Memorial. (Not sure that was feasible), but that wasn't addressed that I recall. Why is the city letting a very few very vocal people tell them what to do with the county money? Because it is the county funds and the city is lacking. The city needs to quit relying on others to provide for it.

They LUC group talks annexation. This means the city loses control of it's own library. The city cannot be in charge, by law. The county is the larger entity and responsible for the biggest area. If they were to annex, the taxpayers would need to vote first. There is no time to get it on a ballot, which also costs money. Perhaps that would be a good job for the LUC group. Work toward raising funds for annexation and awareness. By the time people are well enough informed and the issue is on the ballot it will be most likely over a year in the making. In that ballot they will somehow figure out how the city will provide funds to the county. This means a vote for additional taxation from city patrons. We all know how well we all like to be taxed, but if they want to join, they need to share equally with what county people pay.

In the mean time, Plaza Library will have the ability to provide all the materials and quality staff to the rural patrons until a full service library with administration, cataloging, and other services is built. Right now the RLD is leasing two places in town and have paid the WWPL for some services. It only makes sense that the RLD should own their own building and then talk about anexation. The WWPL would still be in use for city patrons, but rural library patrons would be able have a forward looking, state of the art facility to use. Libraries aren't just for books anymore.


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