Providence S. Mary helps WWYFL replace helmets


WALLA WALLA — Providence St. Mary Neuroscience Institute’s donation of $3,500 has helped the Walla Walla Youth Football League (WWYFL) to replace 50 football helmets for the upcoming youth football league season.

“Not only has this donation helped financially but more importantly it has helped our board in reaching its number one priority which is player safety. The donation will allow us to move forward through the next few years with high quality youth helmets that will improve player safety and help protect against concussions,” WWYFL president Josh Wolcott said.

Walla Walla Youth Football League has specific guidelines for football helmets. The guidelines are followed to promote player safety and ensure proper equipment is worn by our youth players. In addition, the league follows the Washington State law known as the Lystedt Concussion Law to encourage player safety, parent understanding, and coach training.

For more information, contact Wolcott at 509-540-9615.


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