Movie ‘2016: Obama’s America’ should be seen


Well, I spent a couple hours Sunday afternoon at the Grand Cinemas watching the thought-provoking film “2016: Obama’s America,” which was very well done, very sad and scary.

I came away wondering why our intelligence could have possibly put a man like Barack Obama in the highest position of our beautiful country! (Yes, he is a smooth talker, but an empty suit. But without his Teleprompter he is nothing!)

When I thought of the many who have served in that position I could not understand where we had completely lost our judgment in 2008! Not all who have served were without faults, but none have been traitors who disliked this country so much they would want to change it so drastically that someday we would look like Kenya.

They certainly did not try to take our wealth and pass it around as if we hadn’t earned it! He is now a wealthy man, thanks to the U.S.A.! He wants to drain our resources and watch us suffer! He is sick! Yes, he would like 100 percent taxation for us so he could completely control everything!

Let’s pray that we have the intelligence to vote for the person who cares about our country in this next election!

I came away with mixed emotions:

  1. Scared he might be returned to that office.
  2. So appreciative that someone with great knowledge and ability is trying to inform us about this scary person.

One item that is now clear! He was born in Hawaii.

If you haven’t seen it — do go! It’s excellent. It is definitely a “must see!”

Now I’ll get off my soapbox!

P.S. — The Union-Bulletin certainly proved it is a “non-biased newspaper” with last Sunday’s article on the Republican convention — 10 positive items! How refreshing! How typical!

Elaine Hergert

Walla Walla


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