Obama hoodwinked us with changes


President Obama’s call in his 2009 inaugural speech to “remake America” is not the direction Americans thought he would take. Mr. Obama’s directions were planned and he set out to remake historic America. The amateur hoodwinked us with his changes.

Change 1: Institute a national health-care bill. The majority of the U.S. was against this. It was rammed down the throats of many of us who voted for him. He spent two years doing this while the economy went to hell and our servicemen and women were getting blown-up and shot in the back.

Change 2: Increase the price of gas. When President Obama took office in January 2009, the average price of regular unleaded gas was $1.79. Early in his presidency, he mentioned the price was too low. Today, it is $4, nearly an 83 percent increase. He said there was nothing he could do about getting the price lower.

Change 3: Reduce the number of coal plants. Sell the coal to China. In the 2020, the Boardman coal-fired electric plant and others across the U.S. are being scheduled to go off line because of increased EPA licensing requirements.

Perhaps, the void can be filled with green unreliable electricity from wind turbines. The gullible will swallow the “increase-the-all-electric-car production because all you have to do is plug it in and you don’t use any gas.”

Change 4: Slow down or stop oil exploration. He essentially stopped the drilling for oil in the Gulf of Mexico, and other countries now are exploring in the Gulf for oil.

He subsidizes oil exploration in Mexico, Colombia and Brazil. Even the Arab states (and Iran) have acknowledged that the U.S. is sitting on some of the world’s largest oil reserves. Oil is the lifeline of a modern society and almost every product uses some petroleum.

Change 5: Increase the unilateral dictates of the EPA. The EPA has announced higher mpg standards (54 mpg) in the near future. This will further reduce government income from gas taxes and increase the cost of the vehicle to the consumer, further lowering your standard of living. The EPA does more to increase the cost of living than any other government agency.

I suggest the EPA be reduced to one desk and a dial telephone.

Craig Buchanan

Walla Walla


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