Use logic — Obama born in Hawaii


Responding to the letter from Sharon Benzel, I am attempting to introduce a little logical thinking.

After doing some searching on the Internet, I could not find the article she referenced. All I could find was a website that was definitely anti-Obama.

The booklet “Journeys in Black and White” was never published and was not written by Barack Obama, although it had some “biographical material” on him but also had info on other people. Sharon kept repeating in her letter “He stated ...” I could not determine that the information in the booklet was submitted by Obama. I came to the conclusion that this website was simply twisting the facts.

All that aside, let’s look at the facts and see what is most logical. The last time I checked, it is the mother who gives birth, not the father. There has been no evidence given that Obama’s mother ever set foot in Africa.

There is plenty of evidence that she gave birth in Hawaii on Aug. 4, 1961, to a boy whom she named Barack Obama. According to David Maraniss, who wrote a biography recently published, Obama’s mother left Hawaii when he was about a month old and took him to Seattle. At that time, even his father was not in Kenya,but still in Hawaii.

I do hope that people will base their vote on facts and logic not fear-based propaganda.

Mary Kay Pinnick

Walla Walla


wallyworldguy 2 years, 8 months ago

doesn't matter where he was born anyway, just that he doesn't live in the white house anymore.


Chas 2 years, 8 months ago

It's not important at all. His mother was a citizen, therefore he was born a citizen.


huntinwr 2 years, 8 months ago

It's a shame that we can't worry more about things like why we gave $28 billion in aid to Pakistan, who harbored Osama bin Laden and hates us.


tpeacock 2 years, 8 months ago

"I do hope that people will base their vote on facts and logic not fear-based propaganda" Good luck with that, the GOP/Tea Party folks wouldn't have a platform if it weren't for taking things out of context, coming up with the most incredibly illogical rants (birthers), and whats their number one goal? To get the current President out, not so much to get their man elected, that's a secondary effect. Granted, there are things that need to change, but that change is not wrapped in Red, which by the way is the color that denotes the GOP, so why is it they continue to flag the Dems as commies? Oh yes, becasue they're too wrapped up in denigrating Obama. It's been that way since he was elected. I have never in all my years heard so much absolute filth aimed at a sitting President, and so much is uncalled for, made up trash, I would be embarrased to be heard passing on most of this garbage. Makes you really want to lean the way of these folks, huh? Those that, to hear them speak, have the market cornered on Religion, the Constitution, being a decent human, having the upper hand on knowing what's best and right for the Country. If not, it certainly should have you questioning there stance a lot more than any other factor involved in the upcoming election.


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