We shouldn’t support lazy people


Sandra Fluke is talking again. Can I ask why a 30-year-old woman is not working (oh that’s right under Obama there are no jobs!), supporting herself and buying her own contraceptives?

Somewhere, somehow people have forgotten you need to work to make a living and buy things. I had a job babysitting when I was 12 or 13 years old. When I was old enough I got a job (while going to school) in a fast-food restaurant, then I went into the military after high school.

From then on I have worked, I have not asked the government for money, food, iPhone, flat-screen TV, new car or anything. But then I was brought up by parents who survived the Depression.

I was taught you worked for what you want. Sandra Fluke and others want everything given to them. They want to sit on their rears and have Big Daddy — the government — and others work hard so they can take it away from them and not have to work. She is a disgrace to women.

I went back to school at 53 to get my nursing degree. There were many women there, obviously much younger than me with young kids, working part time and going to school so they could get their degree.

I often told them I admired them for doing it, especially with little kids, etc. They were not asking, like Sandra Fluke, for money to pay for their birth control etc. She is a disgrace, as are others who want the government to be their daddy.

They also want to take my money and yours, which we work hard for, and use it for their birth control, their iPads, their flat-screen TVs.

I don’t know about you people, but I am tired of it. I say get off your lazy rears and get to work. I am tired of supporting lazy people who want everything for nothing.

Barbara Dickerson



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