Give VA a chance to help


I read with astonishment the article in the Aug. 26 edition regarding the Hexum family and their problems with his PTSD.

I am a Vietnam combat veteran and have been in the VA system since 1994. I have received excellent treatment for my PTSD and other ailments so was taken aback when I read, "The Hexums approached local veterans resources for help, to little avail."

I have never had a problem getting help from the VA for my problems and cannot understand how they have had such a problem. I am concerned that they are not approaching the right people.

Then to read that the "Dr. Phil" show had to send them to Texas for treatment because they could only find "dirt and rocks in this area" is a slam at the local VA medical center and its staff. I have my own complaints about the VA system, but to make such a remark about the help available is uncalled for.

I challenge each of those accusations and challenge them to approach the VA again. The doctors, nurses and health professionals here are highly motivated to take care of the veteran. They will bend over backward to assist any veteran who needs help.

If the Hexums are looking for a "solution" to the PTSD problem they are going to be disillusioned. There is no cure, but you can learn to live with it.

I have had it since 1965 and only through the care I have received from the VA have I been able to make it this far. Without the help I receive each week from my peer group (under VA sanction) I would not have any quality of life.

Give the VA another chance.

Al Conetto

Walla Walla


pdywgn 3 years ago

They've totally ignored overwhelming evidence in my claims, continued denying them as additional information was presented to them and will continue until after I'm dead. There seems to be two separate groups in the system those that get treatment and those that don't.


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