House Republicans not the problem


I was interested to see the letter blaming the House Republicans for the failures of the last four years. Yes, I'm frustrated that our government hasn't been getting things done, such as Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid's failure to get a budget in place.

One thing they have done is to pass Obamacare, which has taken billions of dollars out of Medicare and put it into Medicaid. How does that work for you?

Even you who are young enough not to have to use Medicare, how do you think that will work for you when you get to that magic retirement age?

You small-business owners who do the hiring of people, how is all this affecting your business?

This Obamacare is nothing but another tax on the middle class, which Obama said he would not do.

Thankfully we have a representative in the House, Cathy McMorris Rodgers, and the work she's doing to advocate for common sense.

Growing up on a farm and managing her family's small business -- a peach orchard -- Cathy understands we cannot keep throwing money down the commode while our national debt explodes more and more every minute.

House Republicans have passed multiple budgets, while Obama and the Senate Democrats continue to tax and spend us into oblivion with no concrete plan.

It is no surprise that politicians who try to make the hard choices to get our spending under control would be demonized.

There are so many special interest groups that are out there trying to keep the status quo; their palms are up and their arms extended waiting for more money.

Cathy has worked to rein in the reckless spending and understands that the government needs to work harder to find the right answers.

That is also why I'm supporting Michael Baumgartner for the U.S. Senate. We can blame Harry Reid and the Democrat-controlled Senate for not getting a budget passed and sent on to Obama for his signature.

Lydia Whipple

Walla Walla


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