America needs to make things again


The presidential race shouldn't be as close as it appears to be. The evidence of failed policies and lack of leadership is in plain sight. But it's possible that America may succumb to another four years of Barack Obama.

America is already on the brink of devastation. Joe Biden says, "America has turned the corner." We have turned the corner, right on to a dead-end street! The only way to get off a dead-end street is to turn around and head back the right way. But that won't happen with Obama in the Oval Office. He promised that America is "not going back, we are moving forward,"

Yes, forward to doom!

Obama's arrogant plan is to continue insane spending, irrational rules and regulations that kill business and investing. He'll keep gutting our defense, and keep us dependent on unfriendly countries for our energy needs. He'll force his health-care nightmare on every citizen, punishing those who don't want it or can't afford it.

He's serious about redistributing wealth, in order to provide handouts to those who'll surely vote for him. Obama knows the recipients won't dare bite the hand that feeds them!

Obama claims that under his rule, America is "getting back to basics." He maintains, "We're making things again."

People need to wake up and get honest. We aren't getting back to basics. Thanks to Obama, we've abandoned the basic things that have kept this country strong for so long. Making things? No we aren't. Because of Obama's heavy-handed tactics, manufacturing has vanished. Obama says he's creating jobs, but the truth is more jobs are being lost with each new day.

So, why would anyone want to return Barack Obama to the White House? Many who'll vote for Obama undoubtedly have the same mindset as their hero. Then, there are voters who haven't done any solid research on Obama and the serious issues. So they buy the baloney Team Obama is selling to the uninformed, hungry masses. Gullibility is alive and well!

America does need to make things again. But returning Barack Obama to the White House is a mistake we can't afford to make.

Roberta Bardsley

Walla Walla


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