4-H is great program for kids


I read with much interest and pleasure the Sept. 2 article on the 4-H Groom Squad competition at the fair. My sister and I have both participated since Groom Squad started.

At age 17, I have been in horse 4-H seven years and am the president of Pony Express 4-H Club. Sadly, 4-H membership has declined in the past years.

There were only a handful of riders in my division at the fair, which used to be rare but is becoming the norm.

This being said, I was extremely pleased that my local paper included information about Walla Walla’s 4-H program. 4-H is an excellent tool in the lives of young people; it helps teach us responsibility, a strong work ethic and accountability.

It is disappointing to me to see so many young people unaware of 4-H, but I appreciate the U-B for the awareness of the program that has been raised. 4-H is a great and fun learning experience of which more youths should take advantage. It would be wonderful to see more written about Walla Walla County’s 4-H program.

Hannah Grimaud



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