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Connectionism. The baseline logic for economic wellness development accepts that in order to work all public transportation roads lead to all places for all people.

It is brought into the realm of affordability by cost sharing.

As the number of participants goes up the costs go down for each of us road builders. Countywide participation, unrestricted.

Economic wellness development, education and libraries are like a three-legged milking stool. Remove one leg and rock a billy go bye bye. Not good. Won’t work well until fixed.

Annexation of the Walla Walla city library is one more costly argumentative delay, not restoration of past beneficial sharing of library collections and services.

The Rural Library District plans to build its own main library is not a duplication of services. Sharing, ha, not. What we have now is deprivation. More division.

Lowering the costs per county resident by establishing the Walla Walla County Rural Library District where as every resident by taxes levied on every real estate parcel pays their share for library benefits. All persons and postal addresses, Burbank, College Place, Dixie, Prescott, Touchet, Vista Hermosa, Waitsburg, Walla Walla, Wallula. All libraries for all people.

Collecting and dispensing taxes towards public projects that include some persons while excluding others borders on private use of public funds at the discretion of the public servants deciding to do so. Not equitable. People want fair treatment. Legislative permission needs to be granted for a pilot project to establish the Walla Walla County Library District with countywide taxing authority funding our libraries.

A realistically achievable goal. The taxes per thousand of assessed valuation for each real estate parcel would be based on zero balance line-item maintenance budgets submitted by library staff and welcome input from county residents regardless of postal address.

The Rural Library District Board of Directors requires astute business minds thoughtful at managing money, not building beyond our ability to fund future maintenance and operation. Planning necessary projects and writing grants asking businesses, manufacturers, organizations etc. for start-up funding assistance.

We all need to think this logical approach through and work with county commissioners, elected officials and legislative representatives if indeed this is the solution for our public libraries. Think about it Walla Walla County, make your decision.

Jean Dolling

Walla Walla


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