Are we expecting right people to solve problems?


Those poor unfortunate gentlemen who are running for office must be unaware that We, the People expect them to work miracles. We expect them to revive the American Dream.

And what is that, you innocently may ask while watching American Idol? By the way, that spelling should be American Idle, shouldn't it? 'Cause too many of us believe that if we elect the right people "they" can fix everything that some of the other "theys" have managed to screw up!

One pretty obvious answer to some of our problems would be to restore our country's brand name -- Made in America. It seems we've either outsourced or outlawed another American brand -- The Right to Work.

Isn't it sad to consider that in some ways technology and efficiency have hindered rather than helped us? How many farm jobs have we lost here in Walla Walla County because we've figured out how to do it better? Build a bigger machine. Drive it faster.

And who decided it's wrong to let young kids work? Now they're too young, and can't ever learn that wonderful early experience of earning money, running a crew at Klicker's. Now that's labeled child abuse. By the time a kid can legally pick strawberries, she's probably found a better job. So who picks the berries now?

Thirty years ago I asked a friend what happens to factory workers when robots take over so many jobs. His answer, a very casual possibility at that time, "Oh -- they're retrained at a different job." "Oh, good," I thankfully answered. Yes that was a possibility 30 years ago, but you get my drift.

What do the people who used to make the beautiful clothing and jewelry in the catalogues that flood my mailbox do now that "Made in Portugal" and "Made in China" labels seem to be an added exotic attraction.

OK, I know I'm not unearthing new criticisms. I'm just wondering if we're expecting the right people to solve our obvious problems, the ones right under out noses.

Is there a helmet big enough to protect the brain of the poor guy who wins the presidency? Restoring the Made in America label, and being expected to solve all of the rest of the world's problems at the same time is a lot to expect of any man, any political party.

So my question is: How can We, the People, help make our system of government respond to the changes the world keeps throwing at us -- and not just duke it out at the ballot box every four years and then expect a political party to be the magician?

Pat Yenney

Walla Walla


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