Reagan Dunn is choice for attorney general


The two candidates for state attorney general are extremely well-qualified. Voters can’t go wrong electing Democrat Bob Ferguson or Republican Reagan Dunn.

Both candidates are solid attorneys, both now serve on the King County Council (where they sit next to each other) and both are extremely bright.

And despite their clear ties to their respective political parties, we believe Ferguson and Dunn will not be influenced by partisan politics in doing the work of the attorney general.

The candidates take the law and constitutions — state and federal — seriously. They are focused on the need to protect the public from sexual predators, gangs and other crime problems. They will also be aggressive in ensuring consumers are protected.

In hearing both candidates offer their vision for the office, there were far more similarities than differences. These are two men dedicated to serving the public and doing what’s best for Washington state.

Again, either would do a fine job for Washington.

But we give the edge in the race to Dunn because of the breadth and depth of his legal experience.

Ferguson has experience as a ligation attorney at a large private law office in Seattle. His work as a member of the King County Council has given him some management experience, but it is not extensive.

Dunn has worked as a federal prosecutor in Seattle and Florida. He has spent considerable time in the courtroom and has prosecuted major crimes, including narcotics manufacturing, child pornography, internet crimes and bank fraud.

Before working as a federal prosecutor, Dunn worked at the U.S. Department of Justices in the nation’s capital. He served as national coordinator and was coauthor of Project Safe Neighborhoods, a nationwide effort to reduce gun violence through enhanced prosecution. Dunn has management responsibility at the Justice Department.

Dunn also has experience in private law practice in Washington state, working for a large Bellevue-based firm.

Dunn has all the tools and the right experience to be an outstanding attorney general. We recommend voters elect Republican Reagan Dunn to the position.


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