Recaps of Limbaugh-Beck save time


I want to commend the many readers of this fine newspaper who take the time and trouble to write in with concise recaps of the week’s Rush Limbaugh and Glen Beck programs.

Rather than wasting many hours of my time listening to their redundant, relentless, ridiculous attacks on common sense and common decency, I can peruse a few letters from your more gullible readers, have a couple of good chuckles with my morning coffee, and get on with my day!

Paul Gregutt



sredar 3 years ago

Ditto, always good for a laugh, sometimes painfully so.


bluedevilcfmy 3 years ago

I saw this on a bumper sticker once & loved it- "I will take drug counseling from Rush Limbaugh before I take financial counseling from Obama."


chicoli 3 years ago

I saw this on a bumper sticker once and wondered! " Rush Limbaugh is a big, fat bimbo" . He is still in denial, therefore unable to give anyone drug counseling...from a big, fat bimbo?


huntinwr 3 years ago

Wouldn't he be a "mimbo" - a male bimbo? :)


barracuda 3 years ago

Make that a VERY rich "Mimbo"..... Somebody out there thinks he is right.... Or he would be off the air....


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