US criminal negligence in Libya


Is it amateur hour? If not, where is our intelligence? Where is our common sense?

Obama and the liberal press tell us that these uprisings against America by Islam are solely about an obscure film against Islamic beliefs made by an ex-Egyptian living in America. This movie, which Obama says is outrageous and demeaning to Islam, was evidently made about a year ago; never released but with a part of it placed on Youtube.

It was also commented upon by a newspaper in Egypt on Sept. 6. So, if it was so outrageous that it could cause an uprising in Islamic countries against Americans, then why didn't our intelligence know about it and do something to avoid these attacks?

Perhaps officials knew but Obama missed that intelligence meeting as he has missed the majority of them. In fact. the only things he doesn't miss is golf and fundraisers!

We also know that 9/11 is an important date in the history of Islamic terrorists and that many messages have been sent that they would like nothing more than to attack us again on 9/11. When those 125 well-armed terrorists killed four Americans and destroyed our embassy in Libya on 9/11 they shouted Osama -- Obama.

What did that mean? Could it be simply that they accomplished their goal of another attack on Americans on 9/11 and that their attack was in retaliation of Osama's killing by Obama and his "spiking the ball" in their face?

The killing of our ambassador and three other Americans in Libya was indeed a well-planned attack by Islamic terrorists; and they did not need some obscure film to incite them -- they hate Americans and simply want to kill us!

Obama's policy hasn't changed that fact.

Why we had no enhanced protection for our embassies in Islamic countries, especially in Libya, where their government and army were not yet sufficiently established to protect our embassies, on 9/11 was outrageous. Why didn't we? Amateur hour? No -- criminal negligence.

Jerry Votendahl

Walla Walla


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