Use your one vote wisely


There is an anti-American crisis in the Middle East. Muslims in dozens of countries have demonstrated against or attacked our embassies and killed an ambassador and staff members.

Could it be that several things — far right-wing, so-called Christians burning a Koran, right-wing Republicans accusing President Obama of being a Muslim to foment impeachment and a disgusting, vitriolic anti-Muslim video produced by “who” — set this off?

The tea party Republicans should be ashamed to use the tea party name. The Boston Tea Party was revolting against voter suppression, oppression of the lower classes and unfair taxation. Yet that is what the 2012 Tea Party wants and what Romney and Ryan are pandering to.

Romney made hundreds of millions in business partly by identifying inefficiency and firing those who didn’t produce. Will he fire the Congress with a 13 percent efficiency rating, mostly Republicans vowing allegiance to Grover Norquist, not to those who elected them?

Romney and Ryan blame President Obama for slow recovery of our economy and job creation that we need. Yet, Norquist-led Republicans have blocked bills proposed by the administration to create jobs, repair the infrastructure and stimulate the economy. Romney can’t hang that dead chicken around the president’s neck! If he wants to hang dead chickens, he needs hundreds of them, one each for those Republicans including Cathy McMorris Rodgers. Remember, only Congress can pass the laws needed to get the economy rolling and the budgets needed to get it done.

Two rich Republicans fathered the conservation movement that set aside millions of acres for all, our national parks, forests and public lands. They protected the land and resources for us and saved them from exploitation by rich men who would have raped them and left them. Those two were President Teddy Roosevelt and the Forest Service’s Gifford Pinchot, who broke with their party to do what was best for the people, not the rich.

Another rich Republican signed the National Environmental Policy Act that resulted in regulations to protect our air, water, and environment for us. It was President Nixon. Romney would dismantle the environmental agencies and erase the regulations that protect us so his rich supporters could get richer.

The richest one percent is spending hundreds of millions on Romney/Ryan ads to buy this election, more that the rest of us combined. Each voter has one vote just like those richest Americans. Make yours count!

John McKern

Walla Walla


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