We are cracking foundation of society


As the family goes, so goes society.

If this is true, then to destroy a society you must destroy the family. And the family falls when we undermine marriage.

Marriage should be defined as a relationship between a woman and a man who choose to be married because they love each other and are committed to raising a family. The couple’s commitment is crucial since raising children places limitations on the parents’ income-earning potential. Furthermore, feeding, clothing and educating children comes at a substantial cost.

And yet, without children, the culture will not continue. A society without children is a sterile society — a society without life.

A healthy society will promote strong families. By providing incentives, such as tax breaks to help compensate for the family’s sacrifice, society keeps itself strong. These societal investments will eventually pay dividends since the children will grow up and become productive members.

Marriage and family is a selfless act that must be supported by the greater society.

One sign of a culture in decline is a culture that no longer recognizes the importance of families. Welcome to Washington 2012.

Redefining the family into oblivion is not a healthy sign. For example, if every relationship is redefined as a family, then every relationship gets the “family benefit?” If everyone is getting a benefit — then is ceases to be benefit! We have ceased to support families.

Marriage is no longer to be defined in the biologically obvious way? Are we all aware of what our enlightened society has just done? In the twisted logic of rights fights, we will be cracking the very foundation of our society by undermining the traditional family.

If it is true that as families go, so goes society, then we are currently on a social journey that will not end well.

Buckle up!

Greg Fazzari

Walla Walla


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