Yes, four-way stop needed on Tietan


Regarding Joe Waiblinger’s letter on Sunday about the need for a four-way stop at Third Avenue and Tietan Street, I too have seen the major traffic problems there.

I sat behind a car trying to cross Tietan on Third for what seemed five minutes or more without an opening in site. The driver finally turned right and went down a block and turned left to go around the block to get to where he was going. I know because I followed him and many other cars have had to do that, too. We avoid this intersection whenever we can, but when we do use it, it reminds us again that we should travel an extra mile just to not sit there and wait forever.

I have called the traffic division of the city and was informed that many traffic problems are on the docket for consideration, but limited finances are holding them back. He said it would cost a lot to do this much-needed improvement, but he thinks it is on the docket.

I suggested four-way traffic stop signs, but they felt that Tietan is a much more traveled street than Third, so drivers on Tietan shouldn’t have to stop, just for the smaller amount of traffic that use Third.

Maybe if city officials hear from more of us, they might reconsider the needs for this intersection.

Also, I would like to commend Hannah Grimaud for her very informative and well-written letter regarding 4-H. At only 17 years old, she is already aware of the need for positive and fun things for our young people, and, as she said, “while teaching them responsibility, a strong work ethic and accountability,” May I add that there are so many different 4-H choices to choose from. There is no way kids cannot find one (or more) that they would enjoy such as artwork, cooking, sewing, growing plants and lots of animal projects — horses, rabbits, chickens, pigs and cattle, etc.

May I suggest that parents out there take advantage of this opportunity to share with your kids? Maybe you already know their favorite hobby or what they’d like to learn about. A lot of you were 4-H members yourselves so you can share this with them.

If not, share it with them now as you’re enjoying 4-H also! Please give this opportunity to your family so that they have a positive way to spend their time!

Terri Norwick

Walla Walla


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